Save Office Space With a Receipt Scanner

receipt scannerWhether you have a business or just keep files and receipts for personal use, an office can quickly get cluttered with filing cabinets, folders, and “To File” boxes. Unless you move, you are confined to a certain amount of space and additional filing cabinets may not be an option. Since you need the papers, receipts and documents you have, being neat and organized may be a never-ending battle. It can quickly become very frustrating when a document is needed but there was no place to store it. Now, the hunt is on of where the most likely “temporary” storage spot could be.

A Scanner Reduces Office Clutter

This is not just a problem for some people. Most businesses have to deal with space limitations, especially when a business expands. There are alternative ways to store your important receipts. One such option is the NeatReceipts Scanner, although there are a number of scanners available. It is a hand-held scanner for easy mobility. Not only does the scanner keep your information reduced for easy computer storage, it also organizes it and files it into easy to retrieve categories. The software that is included with the scanner is easy to use. It comes as compatible with either Microsoft or with Mac.

Scanners Are Vastly Compatible

These little scanners pack a powerhouse of information in the form of scanned receipts, documents, or even business cards. At less than one pound, they are lightweight and can be stored easily in any eleven-inch niche. Compatibility with your computer should not be a problem. All you need is a Windows XP-Windows 7 compatible PC and a CD-ROM drive. 1 GB RAM is enough to store all your receipts in your computer, although 2 GB RAM are recommended. A USB cable is all you need to connect to the computer and you are all ready to go.

Versatility of Scanners Seems Endless

You are not limited to only one type of program when saving your files. PDF and JPEG are formats that save your images for as long as you need them to be saved. There is an array of programs in which you can save data. Common ones are Microsoft Excel, HTML, Outlook, Word as well as certain tax programs. The included software even interprets all kinds of Canadian business papers. The capacity to save is overwhelming. The ability of reducing scanned material to miniscule sizes allows for about one-and-a-half million receipts to be stored through the technological advances of these scanners.

No Office Can Do Without a Receipt Scanner

Neat ReceiptsOther benefits of having all your receipts in one place are the quick and easy retrieval of information. It eliminates different types of paper and paper of all different sizes that leave a file looking messy and the smaller receipts easily overlooked. You can also use the scanners to make your quarterly tax reports a painless experience. You can automatically keep records for tax time with the software’s programmed organizational skills. Business contacts, names of individuals, business names, pictures and logos can all be organized and cross-referenced. Retrieving any information will be a click of the finger. Basically everything you can do with a hard copy, you can do with the scanner, only better and faster. Your office will not have to search every possible spelling of a name or neighboring files in the event something had been misfiled.